31 Mar 2013

Beast Over Greece (2012)

Beast Over Greece (2012)
A Tribute to Iron Maiden - Metal Hammer Greece Issue December 2012

This is by far the latest Iron Maiden tribute album, released in December 2012. The band is geographical all Greeks and by far this is also best geographical released compared to what the Scandinavia, Columbia, Argentina, America , Hungary even the Spaniard released year and years ago. Metal Hammer magazine in Greece decided to pay tribute to Iron Maiden, and also the rise of Greece heavy metal scene. That's right,  despite surrounded by economical issue, their heavy metal community is new rising force in the genre.

Veteran band Spitfire open the tribute with Where Eagles Dare. Their version give a rather crispy and raw feel to the song. The drum sound is interesting in there. The guitar solos in the 2nd round is ok, with that funky guitar effect. Then Greek power metal band Wardrum rightfully choose Be Quick Or Be Dead since it's fit their style very much. The singer Yannis Papadopoulus give his takes, right from the screaming intro to the song. The drum bridge between each verse is also improvised, as well the backing vocal, especially in the semi-chorus section. The band is enjoying his 2012 released call "Desolution". Then my favorite track is Firewind keys wizard Bob Katsionis to capture Moonchild spirit in greater spirit. Bob is accompanied by German singer, Peter Ellis, which sing the Moonchild in faithful version, close to Bruce Dickinson. This version emphasized to the synth part, especially additional variation in the chorus section. Stand quite well compared to their original version. Bob and Peter Ellis also just released their 2012 solo album, Rest In KeysRunning Free by Nightstalker is interesting version. Then Mahakala takes on Hallowed Be Thy Name is another good listening. They make it slightly faster and the intro simplified without additional bell ringing as most of the cover done by others.

Most of cover track are faithful to Iron Maiden version. If you are fans of metal band from the region this is a very nice trivial about them. The CD should also a mirror of what the 2012 generation of band can do for Iron Maiden. For it's limited edition of CD this should quickly grab by any Iron Maiden fans. 4.5/5 rating.

Beast Over Greece (2012)
A Tribute to Iron Maiden - Metal Hammer Greece Issue December 2012

1. Where Eagles Dare - Spitfire [LISTEN]
2. Be Quick Or Be Dead - Wardrum [LISTEN]
3. Running Free - Nightstalker [LISTEN]
4. Moonchild - Bob Katsionis featuring Peter Ellis - [LISTEN]
5. Flight Of Icarus - Dream Weaver [LISTEN] [Drummer performing]
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Mahakala [LISTEN]
7. Deja Vu - Acid Death [LISTEN]
8. The Clairvoyant - Dark Nova [LISTEN]
9. Sanctuary - Convixion [LISTEN]
10. Children Of The Damned - Marauder [LISTEN]
11. Alexander The Great - Maidenance [LISTEN]

styles : power metal mostly

most recent tribute to Iron Maiden - Beast Over Greece

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