27 Mar 2013

Food For Thought (Part 2 - 2005)

Food For Though (Part 2 - 2005)

for technical reason I need to split the review into two posts, so that it can fit into label requirement of 200 characters each post. Each songs are labelled to make it into statistic.

Now this is a non metal cover of Iron Maiden songs. If you really need to listen Iron Maiden song re arranged in extreme non-metal style music, this album will serves you well. This is basically two mad composers doing Iron Maiden rearrange song. This can be a good example on how to study song writing and arrangement based on given melody. Mattias Reinholdsson and Henrik Johansson were two Iron Maiden fans from the '80s. Both did this project for year before starting recording it in serious way.

In this later part of the album, highlight are on Futureal in that AC/DC three chord attacks mode. Then a rock n' roll Elvis in Heaven Can Waaaaiit... pretty close naturally. The final track Seventh Son of the Seventh Son is a good epilog on this crazy Iron Maiden project, all with enough Pink Floyd-ian progressive rock tunes. There also inserted of very new Wildest Dream and still in straightforward guitar-bass-drum setting. After that the punkish Innocent Exile remains us to Paul Di'Anno punk voices.

It's also a good selection of songs from Blaze Bayley era. Some of Steve Harris mad composition in X Factor and Virtual IX that gone too long is being trimmed into another weird version. But these cover did make you want to re-listen into those obscure era of Iron Maiden.

As the title, this is food for thought for Iron Maiden song. Must taking it lighly and enjoy the humor inside. I must divided the review into two part for I want to label each song. Blogspot technically can only accept 200 character in label. Check part two here. 3.5/5 rating.

Food For Though - (2005) Part 2  See Part 1

11. Wildest Dreams - Heavy Metal
Mattias Reinholdsson: vocals, bass
Henrik Johansson: drums, guitar

12. Futureal - Hardrock / AC/DC like
 Claes Isacson: lead & backing vocals
Jonas Lidström: lead guitar, backing vocals
Mattias Reinholdsson: guitar, backing vocals
Henrik Johansson: drums, bass, backing vocals

13. The Nomad - Polka
 Henrik Johansson: vocals, drums, guitar, mandolin, recorder, heys
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass, heys
Kenny Leckremo: heys
Edward Klingspor: pump organ

14. Sanctuary - Punkrock
Björn Flodkvist: vocals (ex Candlemass)
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass
Ulf Nygårds: synth
Peter Lokranz: diabolic laughter and carnivorous roar
Henrik Johansson: drums, clavinet

15. Innocent Exile - Electro / R&B
 Henrik Johansson: programming, voice
Anni Thulin: vocals

16. Public Enema Number One - acoustic / Pop
Mattias Reinholdsson: guitar, vocals, bass, pump organ

17. Heaven Can Wait - Rock N' Roll
 Henrik Stenberg: lead & backing vocals
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass
Henrik Johansson: drums, organ, guitar, backing vocals, tambourine

18. Burning Ambition - Acoustic
Mattias Reinholdsson: vocals, guitar
Henrik Johansson: vocals, mandolin, recorder
Bo Lindberg: accordion

19. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Progressive Rock
Maria Odengrund: flute
Mattias Reinholdsson: lead vocals, guitar (first bit), bass
Henrik Johansson: pianet, backing vocals, drums
Pär Fransson: guitar (last bit)

Photography art with photoshop -ed Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain,
perhaps they forget about new come back Adrian Smith

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