27 Mar 2013

Transylvania 666 (Disc 2) - 1999

This is an all Spaniard metal bands covering the beast in 1999. The compilation takes two disc. The notes on this is all band freely interpreted the song based on their style. Mostly unknown band in their '99 and still up to 2013, I found less information about the band. Madrid based folk metaller Mago De Oz done Strange World, which is very listenable version all completed with folk instruments as violins and recorders. The Trooper is always a straightforward version same in Madrid based Easy Rider band covering it. Easy Rider put a faithful version and good singer, name Ron Finn executed the vocal in well enjoyable version. Then rare song  Moonchild by Sentinel, which is unknown and can't find more information on them in internet. Then the female take charge in another rare track Holy Smoke, done by punkish Aerobitch, which is quite enjoyable. The vocal Laura Bitch somehow sounds like Doro in punk version. Last is another decent cover of Children Of The Damned by band name Dracon, which is again according to Metal Archieve, they disbanded without full release album in 1998.

Overall Transylvania 666 double disc may provided enjoyable cover of Iron Maiden for loyal fans, enjoyable singer and no death metal growl. 2/5 Rating.

Transylvania 666 CD 2 - See DISC 1
maybe out of print, but check in here at AMAZON

1. Strange World - Mago De Oz
2. The Trooper - Easy Rider
3. Phantom Of The Opera - Ankhara
4. Powerslave - Pyramid
5. Running Free - Tea
6. Holy Smoke - Aerobitch - listen Youtube
7. Moonchild - Sentinel
8. Children Of The Damned - Dracon

style: heavy metal, power metal, slightly punk metal in Holy Smoke

Graphic design for Transylvania 666 - Iron Maiden tribute album 1999

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