30 Mar 2013

Piece of Madness - En Honor A Iron Maiden (2005 US Edition)

En honor a Iron Maiden 

This is Argentinian bands doing en honor a Iron Maiden, back in 2003. This album proves what the country can give and quite a talented they are. Highlight is Magika in their clean voice of Wasting Love and The power metal version of Be Quick Or Be Dead by Selidor also interesting. Like other regional-base tribute album, most of the band participating didn't make it into much commercial success. 3/5 rating.

to see the Argentina edition click HERE, the different is on track 5, was originally Revelations by Arkanus, and tracks 6, Losfer Word (Big 'Orra) by Daniel Telis Project.

PIECE OF MADNESS (2003) US EDITION - see Original Argentina Version
En honor a Iron Maiden - purchase the abum HERE

1. Stranger In A Strange Land - Humanimal
2. Be Quick Or Be Dead - Selidor
3. Alexander The Great - Carnarium
4. Wasting Love - Magika
5. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Lorihen
6. Flight of Icarus - Jeriko
7. Prowler - Quemar
8. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Demencia
9. The Evil That Men Do - Jason
10. Afraid To Shoot Strangers - Dösgenh
11. 22, Acacia Avenue - Buffalo
12. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner - Helker

styles: death metal, power metal, heavy metal

Piece of Madness - En Honor A Iron Maiden album review

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