31 Mar 2013

Anton Gustavsson tolkar Iron Maiden (1999)

Anton Gustavsson tolkar Iron Maiden (1999)
aka Anton MAIDEN

I felt the need to include Anton Maiden's Do It Yourself project into this blog since it was a good dedication to Iron Maiden. Those who never heard the name, this is the source taken from internet worldwide:

Anton Gustafsson better known by his stage name Anton Maiden, (born February 24, 1980 in Kinna, Västergötland – died November 1, 2003 in Borås, Västergötland) achieved Internet fame around 1999 by singing over MIDI and MOD-versions of Iron Maiden songs. He became famous as a phenomenon of geek and DIY culture.

He started by publishing some songs on the Internet for a small group of friends. After being encouraged by them, he made some songs available to the public in his album Anton Gustafsson tolkar Iron Maiden, which was distributed under Lunacy and Nihilism record labels. In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen (dated June 2000), he told journalist Martin Carlsson that Iron Maiden fans "think that my interpretations are a disgrace to Iron Maiden. But that was never my intent."

Apparently led by feelings of depression, Anton Gustafsson committed suicide in November, 2003, and was found dead in Borås after having been missing for a week.

A Swedish IRON MAIDEN fan who became a cult figure on the Internet after posting highly original and amusing versions of classic IRON MAIDEN songs on his web site has reportedly been found dead following his disappearance a week earlier from his apartment in Hässleholmen (Borås).

The Swedish daily newspaper Borås Tidning is reporting that no foul play is suspected in the case, leading to speculation that Anton Gustafsson's death was self-inflicted (as a deterrent to publicity-seekers, the Swedish media generally does not report on suicides unless it involves high-profile individuals).

Gustafsson (a.k.a. ANTON MAIDEN), who was 23 years old at the time of his death, found himself one of the very first stars of the international DIY (do-it-yourself) Internet music era four years ago when his unique versions of classic IRON MAIDEN songs landed him appearances on Swedish national TV (view Anton's hilarious 1999 segment on the Swedish TV program "Sajber" here) and in newspapers around the world. A subsequent CD release was made available in a limited edition of 1,000 copies and has since become a much-sought-after collector's item.

The CD, which featured 11 IRON MAIDEN songs sung in Anton's inimitable karaoke style, was recorded on his home computer using free MIDI files of classic IRON MAIDEN songs that he had downloaded from one of Scandinavia's MIDI-module metal web sites, the Iron Maiden Sound Archive.

Not everyone appreciated ANTON MAIDEN, though. In an interview in the Swedish newspaper Expressen published in June 2000, Anton told journalist Martin Carlsson that IRON MAIDEN fans "think that my interpretations are a disgrace to IRON MAIDEN. But that was never my intent."

Nasty comments in the guestbook on his web site eventually contributed to Anton's decision to put an end to his "career" as ANTON MAIDEN. "It just feels silly to continue," he told Expressen. "There will be no more records, [and] there's no point in trying to convince me [to change my mind]

no rating for amateur project and the song not included in song statistic count

Anton Gustavsson tolkar Iron Maiden (1999)

1. Aces High
2. 2 Minutes To Midnight
3. The Trooper
4. The Evil That Men Do
5. 22 Acacia Avenue
6. Flight Of Icarus
7. Infinite Dreams
8. Lord Of The Flies
9. Can I Play With Madness
10. The Number Of The Beast
11. Run To The Hills
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Heaven Can Wait
14. Fear Of The Dark

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