31 Mar 2013

Powerslave - Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden (2004)

An Elektro Tribute To Iron Maiden 2004

Fans of electronic and disco music that like to heard some Iron Maiden tunes can listen to this album. I am not familiar with the artist in any case, but their works actually creative and respectable. Iron Maiden riff and Steve Harris bass line prove can made a good electronic pattern and really can made the beat. The highlight is Wasted Years. The minor intro riff is integrated easily into this electronic version. As curious, Wrathchild also make a good adaptation with the intro bass line come in as main theme. The first track Fear Of The Dark is not very successful because the nature of the song is not very good in 'repetition' mode. It is also interesting to see the guy from electro music picked very rare track Mother Russia. The song that very much neglected by the fans, and even no cover version to it.

Not a bad album, especially for Iron Maiden fans that need a disco track to light up the room. Paul Di'Anno appeared in the back cover blurbs, so make it even more 'legitimate'. 3/5 rating.

An Elektro Tribute To Iron Maiden 2004 - Buy It Here

1. Fear Of The Dark - Alek Stark & The Replicant
2. Wrathchild - Acid Junkies
3. Purgatory - Macondo
4. Aces High - Imatran Voima
5. Flash Of The Blade - Captain Ahab
6. Running Free - Kitbuilders
7. Wasted Years - Ra-X
8. Run To The Hills - Legowelt
9. Die With Your Boots On - Maxx Klaxon
10. Mother Russia - Luke Eargoggle
11. The Trooper - Mr Velcro Fastener
12. Killers - Rude 66
13. Number Of The Beast - Hidari/Plastgumer
14. Powerslave - Pat Benedict Orchestra

styles; hip hop, elektro, disco

Powerslaves An Eletro Tribute to Iron Maiden cover art

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