31 Mar 2013

Children Of The Damned (1999)

a Tribute to Iron Maiden

This is the Iron Maiden tribute album that use the same concept as found in album Maiden America. The first CD contained selection of bands around the world covering the beast and the second CD contained their original materials. Most of the song are a demo-quality but the cover song is okay and enjoyable for Iron Maiden fans.

The album open by Delusion, which is Baltimore (Maryland) based progressive metal band. Their cover of 22, Acacia Avenue is nice with some '80s feel of progressive metal. Their only album was Tragedy of Regret  that include their CD 2 original song, Feel This Way. Seasons Of The Wolf, the United States progressive metal band done an unique version of Flash Of The Blade, all with organ in it. India band Moksha done a combination of Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter - The Trooper - Can I Play With Madness medley, quite entertaining. Then a band name Gooseflesh produced an enjoyable version of Killers in industrial metal style. They re arrange a lengthy intro and when the song entered it sound very natural to the industrial metal setting. Gooseflesh will later include this track into their compilation, Digital Debris Pt.1 - Decoding, released in 2012.

a Tribute to Iron Maiden - buy it HERE

CD 1
1. 22, Acacia Avenue - Delusion (Maryland, USA)
2. Flight Of Icarus - Aska (Texas, USA)
3. The Prisoner - Mesmerize (Italy)
4. Flash Of The Blade - Seasons Of The Wolf  (Florida, USA)
5. Killers - Gooseflesh (Sweden) - also appear in album Digital Debris Pt.1 - Decoding (2012)
6. The Trooper - Diphtheria (Cyprus)
7. Wrathchild - Cessation Of Life (California, USA)
8. Can I Play With Madness - Moksha (India)
9. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter - Realm (Milwaukee, USA)
10. Where Eagles Dare - Night Conquers Day (NY, USA)
11. Phantom Of The Opera - Last Disciple (Germany)
12. Futureal - Innocent Exile

 CD 2 (original song by each band)
1. Feel This Way - Delusion 
2. The Stalker - Aska 
3. The Werewolf - Mesmerize 
4. October Moon - Seasons Of The Wolf 
5. Suffer Age - Gooseflesh 
6. Living To Die - Diphtheria 
7. Synthetic Suicide - Cessation Of Life 
8. Chasing My Life - Mokhsa 
9. Realm - Realm 
10. The Perseverance Of Ignorance - Night Conquers Day 
11. World Turns - Last Disciple 
12. Strange World - Innocent Exile (Iron Maiden cover)

Children of the Damned - a tribute to Iron Maiden graphic artwork

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