31 Mar 2013

Maiden America (1999)

Maiden America (1999)
Iron Maiden Tribute & American Metal Compilation

Some of earlier Iron Maiden tribute album based on geography of the band. This is United States version of Iron Maiden back in 1999. The compilation led by Pharaoh, whom would later become quite success in their career. They cover Aces High. They will later recorded another song 'Revelations' for Slave to The Power album. Unfortunately most of bands following did not rise to more fame. Murders In The Rue Morgue by Omen is another decent track which comes in with interesting intro. Burning Inside covered of Genghis Khan is also enjoyable version and the drum works is somehow extremely fast.

On CD 2, it is a compilation of original song by each band. On this take, most of band come with their best song and make it to a good selection of song. Perhaps this is a better exposure for each band using Iron Maiden fame as their support marketting value. Rate 2.5/5 for this package.

Maiden America (1999)
Iron Maiden Tribute & American Metal Compilation - BUY IT HERE

CD 1
1. Aces High - Pharaoh
2. Murders In The Rue Morgue - Omen
3. Killers - Final Prayer
4. Remember Tomorrow - Born Of Fire
5. Powerslave - Twisted Tower Dire
6. Genghis Khan - Burning Inside
7. Heaven Can Wait - Dawnbringer
8. Wrathchild - Equinox
9. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Edenrot
10. Invaders - Sadus
11. Iron Maiden - Sculptured

 CD 2 (Original song by each band)

1. Solar Flight - Pharaoh 
2. Holy War - Omen 
3. Lambs To The Slaughter - Final Prayer 
4. Fire and Brimstone - Born Of Fire 
5. When All Is Said And Done - Twisted Tower Dire 
6. Chapters Of Youth - Burning Inside 
7. Beggars & Children - Dawnbringer 
8. Come Forth The Haunting - Equinox 
9. Aries Shield - Edenrot 
10. Mask - Sadus 
11. Almond Beauty - Sculptured

styles : power metal, heavy metal

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  1. Hey dude, by any chance you have a link where I can download this album? I had this in a cassete a few years ago and I need to listen again to the Iron maiden version made by sculptured

    Thanks in advance


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