28 Mar 2013

666 Number One Beast (1999)

666 - The Number One Beast A Tribute to Iron Maiden (1999)
The Maiden Years: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (2000)
All Stars Tribute to Iron Maiden No Sanctuary to Madness (2011)
The Soldier Has Returned Iron Maiden Tribute (2011)

This yet another important all stars tribute album to Iron Maiden. It is formed by all UK musicians and actually got along with Iron Maiden members also. Nicko McBrain and some of FM band member formed jamming band together back in 1985. This lead to creation of  The Entire Population of Hackney which can read the full story in Wikipedia.

With Paul Di'Anno joins in his song, this is half cover project for Iron Maiden. The rest of song close to originality with a twist of hard rock singing style, mostly with Steve Overland's song, Can I Play With Madness and Run to the Hills. Doogie White will later on join Yngwie Malmsteen and several other projects, his version are Hallowed Be Thy Name and The Evil That Men Do, come in clean heavy metal style.

Most of the songs are well arranged and performed. Making this a nice addition to Iron Maiden tribute album with a twist of UK hard rock / hair metal styles. The album will continued to be released, leading to total confusion because the label choose to tricks the market with many different title. There was also a volume 2 to this album, check it HERE. 4/5 rating.

666 - The Number One Beast: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (1999) - BUY
The Maiden Years: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (2000)
All Stars Tribute to Iron Maiden No Sanctuary to Madness (2011) - BUY
The Soldier Has Returned Iron Maiden Tribute (2011) - BUY

1. Can I Play With Madness - Steve Overland
2. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Steve Grimmett
3. Wrathchild - Paul Di'Anno
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Doogie White
5. Running Free - Paul Di'Anno
6. The Evil That Men Do - Doogie White
7. Phantom Of The Opera - Paul Di'Anno
8. The Number Of The Beast - Steve Grimmett
9. Iron Maiden - Paul Di'Anno
10. Run To The Hills - Steve Overland
11. The Trooper - Gary Barden

Arranged By – Lea Hart
Backing Vocals – Bernie Shaw ( CD2), Doogie White ( CD2), Ian McKenzie (5), Lea Hart, Paul Di'Anno ( CD2), Paul Quinn (2), Pete Jupp ( CD2), Steve Grimmett, Steve Overland
Bass – Dean Moraity* ( CD1), Tim "Nibbs" Carter* ( CD1), Steve Parry (4) ( CD2)
Drums – Craig Simcox ( CD2), Steve Bennett (4) ( CD1), Steve Clarke (11) ( CD1)
Engineer – John Burns, Nick Smith (11) ( CD2)
Guitar РAndy Barnett ( CD1), Bernie Torm̩, Bill Evans (11) ( CD2), Bill Liesegang* ( CD2), Dave "Bucket" Colwell* ( CD1), Ian Nash ( CD2), Lea Hart, Paul Quinn (2) ( CD1), Phil Campbell ( CD2), Rob Page* ( CD1), Steve Parry (4), Todd Campbell ( CD2)
Keyboards – Jem Davis
Mastered By – John Burns ( CD1), Lea Hart, Nick Smith (11) ( CD2)
Producer – Lea Hart

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