3 Dec 2014

The Evil That Men Do - Antony Parviainen Trio (2011)

Song : The Evil That Men Do
Performer : Antony Parviainen Trio
Origin: Finland
Album : Youtube Live Video

A live video clip from Antony Parviainen Trio. Antony is the frontman and vocalist, which provided heavy vocals for this song. It also retained the backing vocal quite similar to the original. There is also cellist playing, together with two guitarist and drummer. Said so, this is a semi-acoustic setting. Enjoy the movie.

Styles: Acoustic rock
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: live raw quality

26 Oct 2014

The Trooper - 2Cellos

Song : The Trooper
Performer : 2Cellos
Origin: USA
Album : Youtube video

Here comes most popular Iron Maiden cover for this week. It is a cello covered, electric cellos actually, by duo 2Cellos. Their performance received an 'official' shout out with a link shared on Iron Maiden official Facebook account. Pretty amusing, especially when you mixed with Rossini. Check it out

Styles: Cello metal
Faithful to Original version: heavily rearranged
Sound and Production: Youtube video

20 Jun 2014

The Trooper - Steve n Seagulls

Song : The Trooper
Performer : Steve 'n' Seagulls
Origin: Finland
Album :

This band from Finland is a folk blue grass ensemble doing Iron Maiden's "The Trooper". Unusual indeed, but the video clip with almost half millions views is indeed enjoyable. This prove The Trooper is highly adaptable. Enjoy.

Styles: Folk and blue grass
Faithful to Original version: unplugged blue grass version
Sound and Production: profesional recording

25 May 2014

Ford Mustang Iron Maiden Customized Theme

When you get Ford Mustang and Iron Maiden obsession...
Enjoy this artwork we've done, two wallpaper in 1200 x 900 pixel

Ford Mustang Shelby in Red color - Iron Maiden custom theme

Ford Mustang GT in black - Iron Maiden custom theme

tags: Iron Maiden automobile, iron maiden car, ford heavy metal, eddie beast car decals, heavy meta car design

9 Apr 2014

Savage Messiah - Be Quick Or Be Dead (2014)

Song : Be Quick Or Be Dead
Performer : Savage Messiah
Origin: UK
Album : The Fateful Dark, 2014

On their latest 2014 album, UK thrash metaller Savage Messiah put a tribute to their comrade. Be Quick or Be Dead from Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark album is one of the three cover track found on The Fateful Dark.  The most interesting point is we got to listen Dave Silver vocals. Dave put in a rough heavy metal voices instead for this rendition. The guitar riffs is a slightly different in color, extra aggresive chopping and also perhaps with additional chord to make it more thrashy. Every other else is quite original.

Styles: Heavy metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Sound and Production: profesional recording

8 Apr 2014

Sinisfear - The Trooper (2014)

Song : The Trooper
Performer : Sinisfear
Origin: Canada
Album : Reigning Death, 2014

Sinisfear is new death metal band from Canada. You may want to check their Facebook page where they are listed as Face Ripping Canadian Death Metal. Reigning Death is their debut album where we found The Trooper inside. This rendition of Iron Maiden classic is true to their description, a total face ripping version. It is in death metal mode. The other unbelievable thing is ultra killing drumming madness, of course the acting bass for Steve Harris is there to added more spices. In short, the backing vocals after the choruses as the only original parts left.

A fun version to face rip the Trooper, check their debut album and support the band.

Styles: Death metal
Faithful to Original version: least
Sound and Production: good quality recording

Sinisfear Reigning Death with The Trooper 

3 Jan 2014

Deliverance - Where Eagles Dare (2013)

Song : Where Eagles Dare
Performer : Deliverance
Origin: USA
Album :  Hear What I Say, 2013

Deliverance has serves Christian thrash metal genre from 1985. In their almost 30 years of thrash metal there are up and down in their band career. Hear What I Say is their latest album and it contained Iron Maiden cover, Where Eagles Dare. As thrash metal in style, the opening drum is a killer lick. Vocals are customized into their vocalist /founder Jimmy Brown character. Both guitars are set in thrash metal distortion and chops. The middle solos was mainly strengthened with drum improvisation.

Styles: Thrash metal
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: profesional recording

Deliverance Hear What I Say album with Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare cover.

Support the band and buy their album.
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