7 Apr 2017

Overkill - Sanctuary (2017)

Song : Sanctuary
Performer : Overkill
Origin: US
Album : The Grinding Wheel

Overkill is one of thrash metal legend from the '80s, almost in the same era when Iron Maiden conquered the NWOBHM. In their latest album "The Grinding Wheel" out in 2017, Overkill do the cover of Sanctuary song. The harsh vocal of Bobby Ellsworth added a strong interpretation for this song. Buy their album  HERE and enjoy the latest cover song of Sanctuary, along with other Overkill song of course.

Styles: Thrash metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Sound and Production: profesional recording

9 Mar 2017

A Tribute To Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time (2016)

VA - A Tribute To Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time (2016)
Country : Greece
Genre : Heavy Metal

This is the new various artists coming from Greece in covering Iron Maiden. The first attempt had done some in album Beast Over Greece, but new addition is surely welcome. Only eight tracks in this album. The band starting Pyscrence, Null O'Zero, Endomain and others.

Tracklist (Link to Official Youtube Video)

01. Psycrence - Caught Somewhere In Time
02. Null O’ Zero - Wasted Years
03. Endomain - Sea Of Madness
04. Fortress Under Siege - Heaven Can Wait
05. Diviner - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner
06. Arrayan Path - Stranger In A Strange Land
07. Monument - Deja-vu
08. Innerwish - Alexander The Great

11 Jul 2016

Maiden Heaven Vol. 2 - A Tribute Album to Iron Maiden by Kerrang Magazine 2016

Kerrang Magazine put out the 2nd volume of their Iron Maiden tribute albums in the magazine edition of June 2016. Just like their previous release, the album will called "Maiden Heaven Vol.2". Comprised of 15 tracks from Iron Maiden. In this release more new Iron Maiden songs from their later album were covered.

The album came with faithful version such as "Running Free" by Stone Sour, followed by "Speed Of Light" by Reigning Days. After these two songs, the cover version had gone more into creative zone with bands starting to interpreted the songs more freely. "Hallowed By Thy Name" by Escape The Fate still got the 80% vibes but a cleaner voice by the vocalist and slightly re-arranged make this version kind of different. "Fear Of The Dark" by Lonely The Brave got crunchy guitar in the intro while the vocals bit of modern rock sounding.

Trivium covered "For The Greater Good Of God", which is really re-energized the song. When the original song included in album A Matter of Life and Death, the whole album sounds pretty much the same, but in this setting, the song become unique and stand out. The usage of acoustic guitar added more layer to the album.

The most dramatic re-arrangement is "The Red And The Black" done by Steven Battelle. The original song had transformed into folk rock version with many folk instrument in it. Another extreme re-arrangement is for classic "The Evil That Men Do" by Creeper. The whole song is now piano accompaniment. Believe me, this is also works!

The usual "Number Of The Beast" done by Lower Than Atlantis is redo in modern setting, made us to think this is originally a alternative metal song. Anaal Nathrakh do "Powerslave" energetically, because the whole song is now in metalcore, death metal voice. Another very good re-interpretation is "Aces High" by Cry Venom, which demonstrated how the song can be improvised into many different version guitar playing.  The band Fozzy had done Iron Maiden songs before, their version of "Sun And Steel" is also  faithful version and enjoyable. Muncie Girls covered "The Wicker Man" in very chicky version, listen by yourself and see how Iron Maiden song turns into girl band version.

And what the heck Heck doing in "Trooper". This is by far the craziest version of The Trooper, changed into stoner metal version. Another stony feel is "Remember Tomorrow" by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, controversial version. The last piece of this album is "Wasted Years" by Anathema, fortunately this is a sweet re-version of the original song. A clean acoustic version of this song is the closing act for this journey. Adrian Smith and co should be proud having their song reinterpreted into many different of styles.

A top quality Iron Maiden tribute album to have by the Irons.

Official Kerrang Magazine Preview

Kerrang!‘s Iron Maiden tribute album,  “Maiden Heaven Vol.2"

01 – Stone Sour – “Running Free”
02 – Reigning Days – “Speed Of Light”
03 – Escape The Fate – “Hallowed By Thy Name”
04 – Lonely The Brave – “Fear Of The Dark”
05 – Trivium – “For The Greater Good Of God”
06 – Steven Battelle – “The Red And The Black”
07 – Creeper – “The Evil That Men Do”
08 – Lower Than Atlantis – “Number Of The Beast”
09 – Anaal Nathrakh – “Powerslave”
10 – Cry Venom – “Aces High”
11 – Fozzy – “Sun And Steel”
12 – Muncie Girls – “The Wicker Man”
13 – Heck – “The Trooper”
14 – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – “Remember Tomorrow”
15 – Anathema – “Wasted Years“

The Final Frontier - Jorn Lande (2016)

Song : The Final Frontier
Performer : Jorn Lande
Origin: Norway
Album : Heavy Rock Radio (2016) Buy Album!

As we know, Jorn Lande is singer to many bands and many projects. He established himself as voice soldier to many works from Avantasia to Masterplan. Along his colorful career he also diligently put out his original works in his solo album under the name "Jorn". In 2016, Jorn Lande decided to re-create many famous heavy rock songs  in his new cover album "Heavy Rock Radio". Here he covered song Queen, Dio, Deep Purple to Black Sabbath. Unsurprising for us, Iron Maiden was included in this album. The one that surprised us is the choice of Iron Maiden song he covered, which is the new song "The Final Frontier". Jorn perhaps already didn't feel challenged to covered Bruce's classic voices in other classic Iron Maiden album. "The Final Frontier" provided Jorn's character voice and seem to really fit into his character in this song. Enjoy quality cover version of Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier in this album, this is the first major artist covered this song.

Styles: Heavy metal
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: profesional recording

JORN "Heavy Rock Radio"
1. I Know There's Something Going On
2. Running up That Hill
3. Rev on the Red Line
4. You're the Voice
5. Live to Win
6. Don't Stop Believing
7. Killer Queen
8. Hotel California
9. Rainbow in the Dark
10. The Final Frontier (Iron Maiden)
11. Stormbringer
12. Die Young

    Jørn Lande - Lead & Backing Vocals, Producer
    Trond Holter - Guitar, Mixing
    Thomas Bekkevold - Bass
    Francesco Jovino - Drums
    Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards

24 Jun 2016

England Football Squad Iron Maiden Beast Artwork

Here the artworks to celebrated England football team in Euro 2016 French. In fact, all the UK's federation team go through the 1/16 finals : England, Wales, Northern Ireland plus neighboring, independence, Ireland.


England XI Football squad , Iron Maiden theme 2016

10 May 2016

The Trooper - Gabriela Guncikova

Song : The Trooper
Performer : Gabriela Guncikova
Origin: USA
Album : Youtube

Of course Iron Maiden's The Trooper is a perfect song to demonstrate your vocal to your students. Vocal teacher Gabriela Guncikova from Ken Tamplin School of Vocals show us how to properly cover The Trooper. Excellent voices indeed!

Styles: Original Iron Maiden Minus One tracks
Sound and Production: profesional recording

4 Sep 2015

Eddie vs Lara Croft

Just some image smash to celebrated the release of The Book of Souls.

Eddie accompanied by Lara Croft.

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