11 Jul 2016

The Final Frontier - Jorn Lande (2016)

Song : The Final Frontier
Performer : Jorn Lande
Origin: Norway
Album : Heavy Rock Radio (2016) Buy Album!

As we know, Jorn Lande is singer to many bands and many projects. He established himself as voice soldier to many works from Avantasia to Masterplan. Along his colorful career he also diligently put out his original works in his solo album under the name "Jorn". In 2016, Jorn Lande decided to re-create many famous heavy rock songs  in his new cover album "Heavy Rock Radio". Here he covered song Queen, Dio, Deep Purple to Black Sabbath. Unsurprising for us, Iron Maiden was included in this album. The one that surprised us is the choice of Iron Maiden song he covered, which is the new song "The Final Frontier". Jorn perhaps already didn't feel challenged to covered Bruce's classic voices in other classic Iron Maiden album. "The Final Frontier" provided Jorn's character voice and seem to really fit into his character in this song. Enjoy quality cover version of Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier in this album, this is the first major artist covered this song.

Styles: Heavy metal
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: profesional recording

JORN "Heavy Rock Radio"
1. I Know There's Something Going On
2. Running up That Hill
3. Rev on the Red Line
4. You're the Voice
5. Live to Win
6. Don't Stop Believing
7. Killer Queen
8. Hotel California
9. Rainbow in the Dark
10. The Final Frontier (Iron Maiden)
11. Stormbringer
12. Die Young

    Jørn Lande - Lead & Backing Vocals, Producer
    Trond Holter - Guitar, Mixing
    Thomas Bekkevold - Bass
    Francesco Jovino - Drums
    Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards

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  1. Look-up for thy Final Frontier. Never down, dude. Wanna wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven? God bless


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