27 Mar 2013

A Tribute to the Beast Vol.1 (2002)

A Tribute to the Beast (Volume 1 - 2002)

This is almost a compilation of the best Iron Maiden cover songs ever recorded up year 2002. Compiled by Nuclear Blast, the line up were rise up slightly thus did not include too obscure bands. The highlight are the intro The Ides of March medley to Purgatory, which Steel Prophet already contributed to the 1998 Call to Irons album. Then Children of Bodom come with Aces High, the intro riff is heavier and slow a bit. CoB doing a death metal vocal quite rivalry to Arch Enemy version. The keyboard solos are awesome speedy. Very good version by Children of Bodom. We then meet thrash metaller Rage in The Trooper. Rage singer Peter Peavy Wagner delivered powerful high pitch version there. Then the next highlight is Cradle Of Filth which transformed Hallowed Be Thy Name into doomish death version. The intro with real bell sound and hallowing deep throat vocal rise the atmosphere. String also covered this version into memorable pieces.

Then we got power metal Grave Digger in Running Free, quite a safe power metal version. Burden Of Grief do Prowler, and notes that later on in 2010 will do Aces High, Burden of Grief is melodic death metal version. Sonata Arctica back then in 2002 was in their high point, doing Die With Your Boots On with energetic power metal intro riff, their backing vocal is something interesting to say. Therion repeated their Children Of The Damned which already appear in Made in Tribute. Same to Opeth's Remember Tomorrow.

If you missed Iron Maiden tribute album prior to this, A Tribute to the Beast is excellent compilation. It will avoid you to obscured band in all previous album and only presented good quality of cover. 4/5 rating.

A Tribute to the Beast (Vol.1 - 2002)  - See Volume 2
Iron Maiden tribute album - get it here

1. The Ides Of March / Purgatory - Steel Prophet - appear in Call To Irons
2. Aces High - Children Of Bodom - also appear in album 'Skeletons in the Closet' (2009)
3. The Trooper - Rage - from album 'End of All Days' 1996
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Cradle Of Filth
5. Running Free - Grave Digger
6. Prowler - Burden Of Grief
7. Die With Your Boots On - Sonata Arctica
8. Children Of The Damned - Therion  - appear in Made in Tribute 
9. Transylvania - Iced Earth [Listen]
10. Remember Tomorrow - Opeth - appear in Call To Irons
11. The Number Of The Beast - Sinergy
12. Stranger In A Strange Land - Disbelief
13. Flight Of Icarus - Tierra Santa - Appear in Transylvania 666
14. 22 Acacia Avenue - Dark Tranquillity - Appear in Made In Tribute 
15. Wrathchild - Six Feet Under
16. Powerslave - Darkane

styles: death, doom, power and heavy metal

Cover art for A Tribute To The Beast - Iron Maiden cover album

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