27 Mar 2013

Food For Thought (2005)

Food For Though - Now That's What I Call 'Kin' Music (2005)
by Mattias Reinholdsson and Henrik Johansson

Now this is a non metal cover of Iron Maiden songs. If you really need to listen Iron Maiden song re arranged in extreme non-metal style of music, this album will serves you well. This is basically two mad composers doing Iron Maiden make over. This can be a good example on how to study song writing and arrangement based on given melody. Mattias Reinholdsson and Henrik Johansson were two Iron Maiden fans from the '80s. Both did this project for year before starting recording it in serious way.

The tunes are mostly non metal, with the wording as "AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Bee Gees all met to do tribute for Iron Maiden". Not really the real AC/DC doing, but the style is close. Highlights? Perhaps The Trooper with Entombed vocalist L. Petrov in deathcore style.Then the light jazzy 22 Acacia Avenue with piano and female singer. The opener Be Quick Or Be Dead also 'easy' listening with Helena Rosendahl as guest singer. The rest of song are described with style related, to gives you a bit revelation on what's going on.

It's also a good selection of songs from Blaze Bayley era. Some of Steve Harris mad composition in X Factor and Virtual IX that gone too long is being trimmed into another weird version. But these cover did make you want to re-listen into those obscure era of Iron Maiden.

As the title, this is food for thought for Iron Maiden song. Must taking it lighly and enjoy the humor inside. I must divided the review into two part for I want to label each song. Blogspot technically can only accept 200 character in label. Check part two here. 3.5/5 rating

Foor For Though (2005) Part 1 - see Part 2 here
Iron Maiden tribute album

1. Be Quick Or Be Dead - Rock
Helena Rosendahl: lead vocals
Mattias Reinholdsson: lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Henrik Johansson: drums, bass, lead guitar, backing vocals

2. Twilight Zone - Jazz/Rock
Robin Kvist: vocals
Mattias Reinholdsson: guitar
Henrik Johansson: drums, bass
Gomer Explensch: saxophone

3. 22, Acacia Avenue - Light Jazz rock/Latin/ Lounge Shuffle
Mattias Reinholdsson: lead & backing vocals
Henrik Johansson: drums, guitar, backing vocals, whistling
Chris Dale: bass
Gabriela Kulka: lead & backing vocals, piano

4. The Angel And The Gambler - Pop Oldies Rock
Mattias Reinholdsson: vocals
Henrik Johansson: vocals, mandolin
Ulf Nygårds: guitar, dobro, banjo
Ulrika Österblom: telephone

5. The Mercenary - Pop Bee Gees style
Henrik Johansson: vocals, drums, guitar, pianet
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass, guitar

6. The Trooper - Grunge / Deathcore
L-G Petrov: vocals (Entombed)
Anders Peev: key harp
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass
Henrik Johansson: drums

7. Fortunes Of War - Electro / Disco
 Per Holmlund: programming
Mattias Reinholdsson: programming, lead & backing vocals
Henrik Johansson: backing vocals, editing

8. Blood On The World's Hands - Jazz
Mattias Reinholdsson: vocals, bass
Ulf Nygårds: piano
Henrik Johansson: drums, bass, guitar

9. Stranger In A Strange Land - Acoustic
Henrik Johansson: vocals, guitar, synth, bass, beats
Maria Karlsson: cello
Pär Fransson: lead guitar
Mattias Reinholdsson: wah-wah

10. Flash Of The Blade - Folk Metal
Kenny Leckremo: vocals
Anders Peev: key harp
Marko Manninen: cello
Mattias Reinholdsson: bass
Henrik Johansson: drums

continue to Food For Thought Part 2

Photography art for Food For Though - Iron Maiden tribute album

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