28 Mar 2013

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden (2005)

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden (2005)
by Scott Lavender - Vitamin Records

Compared to other 'classical' rendition (the orchestra, string quartet), this piano tribute sounds better to me. Scott Lavender is professional jazz/classical piano that happened to play this heavy metal Iron Maiden song. He put in some energy to the piano version. Some arrangement stay too close to the original that actually sound too empty with two hands piano. But some are best, such as Wasted Years (the Youtube version got Bruce Dickinson with vocal!). The best part is when it come to the solos, the piano version works great.

The official blurbs:
Whoops. Ahem. Sorry ‘bout that. It’s just that whenever I even hear the name “Iron Maiden”, I get a little crazy. The galloping rhythms, the blitzkrieg guitar onslaught, the air-raid siren vocals of Bruce Dickinson (and let’s not forget the gutter-sniping of original vocalist Paul Di’anno or his ahead of it’s time punk/metal hybrid style.), and last, but definitely not least, the finger-fracturing bass playing of Steve Harris, the song writing savant behind their music. Oh, yeah, and of course, there’s Eddie.

Digging deeper (careful, not too deep!) it is in the sinewy bass lines of Harris that we find the raw materials for this, our piano tribute to Iron Maiden, for as athletic as his playing is, it is also the melodic core of the band’s material, a logical extension of his being the primary songwriter as well as the bass player. Yes, dig if you will, the simple lines intertwining, the distillation of evil spirits, and enjoy these catchy numbers of the beast!

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden (2005)
by Scott Lavender - Vitamin Records - buy it HERE

1. Two Minutes To Midnight
2. Wasted Years   feat. Bruce Dickinson in Youtube
3. Can I Play with Madness
4. Trooper
5.  Brave New World
6. Run to The Hills feat. Bruce Dickinson in Youtube
7.  Caught Somewhere In Time
8.  Aces High
9.   Hallowed Be Thy Name
10.   Flight of Icarus
11.  Number of The Beast
12.   Eddie’s Lament (Original Composition)

Classical trained pianist Scott Lavender takes on Iron Maiden hit song
cover art / graphic design of the album

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