30 Mar 2013

Made in Scandinavia (2000)

A Tribute to Iron Maiden

Although Scandinavia is the land of God and Goddes of metal such as Nightwish , Hammerfall, Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy, this tribute album is without them. Instead minor bands using this opportunity to records a demo-quality Iron Maiden song. Unfortunately these bands also didn't survived well the years and still largely unknown today. Most of the cover are adopted into the band's style, which is oftenly gone too obscure. The highlight of album can be Withering Surface takes on Purgatory, in melodic death metal styles. Withering Surface was disbanded years ago. Then Slip Into Silk version of Charlotte the Harlot with is a rock based style. The album contained two rare cover Iron Maiden song, No Prayer For The Dying by Ofring and The Fugitive by Headquake.

This is unluckily didn't reflect the strength of Scandinavian power in metal. Certainly many major bands from the region did tribute to Iron Maiden, mostly compiled in album A Tribute to the Beast. For Made in Scandinavia, rating is of 2/5.

A Tribute to Iron Maiden 

1. Can I Play With Madness - Supersilent
2. No Prayer For The Dying - Ofring
3. The Trooper - Frozen Sun
4. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Infernal Torment
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Powerage
6. The Number Of The Beast - Loudmess
7. Purgatory - Withering Surface
8. Charlotte The Harlot - Slip Into Silk
9. Stranger In A Strange Land - Roadkill
10. The Fugitive - Headquake

styles: death metal, heavy metal

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