27 Mar 2013

A Tribute to the Beast Vol.2 2003

A Tribute to the Beast Vol.2 2003

Nuclear Blast will continued their Iron Maiden tribute album, this time more first entry than to their volume 1 edition, where some of songs taken from previous tribute album. Primal Fear done perfect duplicate version in 2 Minutes to Midnight,  then Thunderstone do the same, a smooth and but more relax Wasted Years. Sentenced repeated The Trooper (which actually been done by Children of Bodom in their volume 1 version) in faster speed.  Anthrax then come with their own version of Remember Tomorrow, more thrash metal inside. The Germany thrash metal Tankard also contributed in Iron Maiden, Tankard will later come with another Iron Maiden cover in 2012 with The Prisoner. Lastly Therion give their live version of Revelations mean they really able to pull Iron Maiden on stage. Then Iced Earth give the last best job in Hallowed Be Thy Name.

The bonus disc is really a repackage of previously Slave to the Power album. So this volume together with the previous one contained much fun for Iron Maiden fans to re listen their favorite tunes. 4/5 rating

A Tribute to the Beast (Volume 2 - 2003)  -  See Volume 1
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1. Killers - Destruction
2. The Trooper - Sentenced
3. 2 Minutes to Midnight - Primal Fear
4. Wasted Years - Thunderstone also in their debut album "Thunderstone" (2002)
5. Wrathchild - Stuck Mojo & Devin Townsend
6. Remember Tomorrow - Anthrax
7. Iron Maiden - Tankard
8. Moonchild - Necrophobic
9. Strange World - Mägo De Oz appear on Transylvania 666 CD 2
10. Déjà Vu - Wolf
11. Sanctuary - Mystic Prophecy
12. Fear of the Dark - Graveworm
13. Revelations - live - Therion
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iced Earth

Bonus CD - all already in Slave to the Power album 
15. Children of the Damned - Sebastian Bach
16. Run to the Hills - John West & Chris Caffery
17. Murders in the Rue Morgue - Cosmosquad & Ray Alder
18. Flight of Icarus - Ian Perry & Kamelot
19. Another Life - Solace
20. Alexander The Great - Eleventh Hour
21. Purgatory - Wardog
22. Running Free - Iron Savior

styles: death, doom, power and heavy metal

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