27 Mar 2013

Transylvania 666 (1999)

Transylvania 666 1999

This is an all Spaniard metal bands covering the beast in 1999. The compilation takes two discs. Notes on this is, all bands freely interpreted the song based on their styles. Mostly unknown bands in their '99 and still up to 2013, I found less information about the band. Tierra Santa which done The Flight of Icarus is quite enjoyable, all with their improvisation intro in rather power metal style. The band still exist and releases 2013 album called Mi nombre serĂ¡ Leyenda. Azrael, speed and power metal band from resort Granada region done an interesting The Evil That Men Do, they also still exist up to their latest 2010 release Metal Arena. Most of the band are playing in a standard power metal style, so save yourself from the death metal growling. The use of nudity art album cover is somewhat cheesy with Eddie being there, so it's not a good CD to share with under ages. 2/5 Rating.

Transylvania 666 (1999)
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CD 1   -   see CD 2
1. Run To The Hills - Avalanch
2. Flight Of Icarus - Tierra Santa
3. Charlotte The Harlot - Lujuria
4. The Evil That Men Do - Azrael         coveringthebeast.blogspot.com
5. Wasted Years - Skunk D.F.
6. Wrathchild - Grass
7. Fear Of The Dark - Demonios
8. Revelations - Twilight

 Transylvania 666 Double Disc back album Cover Art

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