28 Mar 2013

The Golden Beast (2008)

The Golden Beast A Tribute from Colombia to Iron Maiden (2008)

Geographical edition of Iron Maiden tribute also went far to Colombia. The background story is, Iron Maiden touring to the area and the local bands hastily pulled out their guts to finished a tribute album. Eight local bands playing Iron Maiden hits. The hard work was compiled by EMI and released to the world.

Not much to said on this compilation since most band are unknown, and understandably, not too top notch produced. After Sigma with Wasted Year, the other three tracks surprisingly intro with piano. Entropia is the one who dare to cover the lesser known Infinite Dreams and come with fairly good version. Aces High is well played by very unknown band, Noizart. Then the final song by Akash who sung Flight of Icarus in Spanish make this album their only memorable moments.

If you are fans of Latin band, or a Colombian, this is a pride album. 2/5 rating.

The Golden Beast: A Tribute From Colombia to Iron Maiden (2008)

1. Wasted Years - Sigma
2. Infinite Dreams - Entropia
3. The Evil That Men Do - Legend Maker
4. The Wicker Man - Perpetual - re-released in 2011 album "States of Madness"
5. Aces High - Noizart
6. Be Quick or Be Dead - Introspeccion
7. Can I Play With Madness - Terra Sur
8. Flight of Icarus - Akash

style mostly heavy metal and power metal.

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