31 Mar 2013

Somewhere in Hungary (2002)

Somewhere In Hungary (2002)
Tribute to Iron Maiden Part. 1

is Iron Maiden made in Hungary kind of tribute album. The compilation lead by real Iron Maiden tribute band, Iron Maidnem  (whose name translates "almost iron") and since they are professionally doing this as a job, the result is above average standard. Their cover in Powerslave, The Number Of The Beast and Hallowed Be Thy Name are flawless with strong professional standard. Another good take is by band Demonlord, which once become Iron Maiden opening act with their version of The Trooper. Then Perfect Symmetry , a progressive rock metal band doing The Evil That Men Do with jazzy piano version in it. Quite a surprised released by the region whom largely not very much known for its metal scene. The package also come with professional artwork of each band in high quality.  4/5 rating.

Somewhere In Hungary (2002)
Tribute to Iron Maiden Part. 1 - purchased it at Amazon

1. Powerslave - Iron Maidnem
2. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Fahrenheit
3. Flash Of The Blade - Stonehenge [LISTEN]
4. The Trooper - Demonlord
5. To Tame A Land - Age of Nemesis [LISTEN]
6. The Clairvoyant - Obstruction
7. Aces High - Nottingham
8. Prowler - Stainless Steel
9. The Evil That Men Do - Perfect Symmetry
10. Wasted Years - Da Capo
11. The Number Of The Beast - Rudán Joe & Iron Maidnem
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maidnem

excellent digital artwork for Iron Maiden tribute album, Somewhere In Hungary

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