27 Mar 2013

A Call to Irons (Volume 2) - 1999

A Call to Irons (Volume 2) - 1999

Following the first edition of Iron Maiden tribute album, A Call to Irons the label, Dwell put out one more volume. Strange and trivially, A Call to Irons volume 2 still mostly covered many rare and 'unpopular' Iron Maiden song. It's must be the only version of Sea of Madness, delivered by progressive metal band Prototype, which is completely awesome for this unpopular song. Prototype is LA based progressive metal band that keep releasing good material up to their latest 2012 album, Catalyst. Then track from album No Prayer for the Dying, Public Enema Number One by October 31. October 31 is heavy metal band from Arlington Virginia, which is not very active in their career so far. Line up are top again by Steel Prophet who covered yet another rarely heard song, Gangland.

The US band Diesel Machine covered of Children of the Damned is very faithful to original, except the singer make it into more '70s hardrock feel, ala Nazareth. Diesel Machine was motorized by ex Damageplan guitarist, Patrick Lachman.

Most the rest that not mentioned are mostly in demo-quality cover songs. The bands are all American line ups. 3/5 rating.

A Call to Irons 1999 - Volume 2   - See Volume 1
Iron Maiden tribute album - buy it here 

1. Invaders - Engrave
2. Gangland - Steel Prophet
3. Iron Maiden - From The Depths
4. Total Eclipse - Terror
5. Wrathchild - Acheron
6. Revelations - Possession
7. Killers - Ion Vein
8. Where Eagles Dare - Mystic Force
9. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Deceased
10. Public Enema Number One - October 31
11. Sea Of Madness - Prototype
12. Children Of The Damned - Diesel Machine
13. Sanctuary - Abattoir

styles: death, black, heavy metal, progressive metal

A Call to Irons double disc edition

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