3 Jan 2014

Deliverance - Where Eagles Dare (2013)

Song : Where Eagles Dare
Performer : Deliverance
Origin: USA
Album :  Hear What I Say, 2013

Deliverance has serves Christian thrash metal genre from 1985. In their almost 30 years of thrash metal there are up and down in their band career. Hear What I Say is their latest album and it contained Iron Maiden cover, Where Eagles Dare. As thrash metal in style, the opening drum is a killer lick. Vocals are customized into their vocalist /founder Jimmy Brown character. Both guitars are set in thrash metal distortion and chops. The middle solos was mainly strengthened with drum improvisation.

Styles: Thrash metal
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: profesional recording

Deliverance Hear What I Say album with Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare cover.

Support the band and buy their album.

Covering The Beast - List of Iron Maiden Tribute Albums and Cover Tracks

Just like the masterpiece of Beethoven composition being interpreted by many musicians, Iron Maiden masterpieces in heavy metal also attracted dozen of notable bands to re-interpreted their songs. This is a blog specialized in listing the tribute albums and any individual cover tracks of Iron Maiden ever recorded by other bands. Find fascinating version of The Trooper, Wasted Years, Aces High and other song in this blog.

This is all tribute albums officially ever recorded and distributed. As well as any Iron Maiden cover track that recorded by various band, including the bonus track, the hidden track, unofficial bootleg (such as Dream Theater completed bootleg of Number of the Beast), and many others.

Stay tunes to my blog and any feedback will be appreciated. Btw, this blog use the artwork from Live After Death album, all credit goes to its original creator.

Full Tribute Albums
1998 A Call To Irons - Volume 2  (also released as A Strange Illusion (2006)
1998 Made in Tribute A Tribute to the World Best Band 
1999 666 Number One Beast  (also released as The Maiden StorySoldier Has Returned (2011)
2005 Numbers From the Beast - All Stars Salute Iron Maiden
2008 Maiden Heaven - Kerrang Magazine Bonus Tribute to Iron Maiden CD
2012 2 Minutes to Midnight - A Millennium Tribute to Iron Maiden
2016 Maiden Heaven Vol. 2 - Kerrang Magazine Bonus Tribute to Iron Maiden CD

Regional Band Tribute
1999 Maiden America - All US Bands Tribute
1999 Transylvania 666 - Volume 2 All Spanish Bands Tribute
2000 Made in Scandinavia 
2002 Somewhere in Hungary -
2003 Piece Of Madness - En Honor a Iron Maiden All Argentina Bands Tribute
2008 The Golden Beast - All Columbian Bands Tribute
2012 Beast Over Greece

Single Band Tribute:
2002 Dream Theater's Number of the Beast
2005 The Iron Maidens - World Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden
2007 The Iron Maidens 2nd Album: Route 666
2008 The Iron Maidens 3rd EP Root Of All Evil 
2010 Maiden United - Mind The Acoustic Pieces
Non Metal Albums
2004 Powerslave - The Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden
2005 Food For Thought - Re-arrange of Iron Maiden song in various styles
2006 The Hand of Doom Orchestra - Piece of Mind - Orchestra version of Piece of Mind
2012 Thomas Zwijen - Nylon Maiden - Nylon guitar version

Individual Releases (Cover Song not compiled into one particular tribute album)
by Kreator, Testament, ReInxeed, After Forever and many others
see all Individual Release here
see all Individual Release here (Female vocals only)

for now the Statistic of Songs, the most covered song by Iron Maiden is:

Top 20 Most Popular Iron Maiden song, covered - Best 20 Iron Maiden Song - Most Popular Iron Maiden Song

01. The Trooper
02. Hallowed Be Thy Name
03. Wasted Years
04. Aces High
05. Wrathchild
06. Flight Of Icarus
07. Run To The Hills
08. The Number of the Beast
09. 2 Minutes To Midnight
10. The Evil That Men Do
11. Fear Of The Dark
12. Powerslave
13. Revelations
14. Killers
15. Children of the Damned
16. Running Free
17. Where Eagles Dare
18. Be Quick Or Be Dead
19. Can I Play With Madness
20. Die With Your Boots On

Previous chart:

Disclaimer: Covering the Beast will not upload link or any original material in this blog via file hosting. Instead please buy the original material on link provided, when available in this blog.

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