1 Apr 2013

Dream Theater - The Number of The Beast Bootlegs (2002)

The Number of The Beast - Official Bootlegs (2002)
Dream Theater

The nice thing about Dream Theater is they are diligently like to do cover songs in their own concert. This official bootleg of Dream Theater performing The Number of the Beast happened in their Paris 2002 concert. Of course judging just by their musical reputation, this is a tasty bootleg to listen.

As with many cover Dream Theater done, they do it with precision. Only that the single guitar attack is less brutal in the original Dave Murray + Adrian Smith version. We then listen to fresh interpretation of Mike Portnoy drumming in new variation, new beat pattern. Then Jordan Rudess keyboard is one of thing I would like to listen, but he seems having less time to covered the rhythm section but the solos only. But when it's solo, the wizard of keys serve us well. John Myung bass also never put in front as aggresive as Steve Harris. Then the final evaluation is James LaBrie voice character, which is in many way didn't fit Iron Maiden character. He interpreted the song into higher voice thus making it almost more melancholy for most songs. On Children of the Damned, James enjoy this song in the territory he comfort, the ballad and slow mood fit his voice well. We enjoy the Gangland which is the near final improvisation bring the song into progressive rock feel. No doubt the best Gangland version out there. The best song can be the final Hallowed be Thy Name, mostly because LaBrie already warm up and take the song into more energetic way.

Fans of both side, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden surely want to hear how the two band combined. The quality of bootlegs also superior, with all the audiences roaring feel. This is also give more credit to Dream Theater who performed this as 'side' project perfectly. Dream Theater will later give one more official Iron Maiden cover in Maiden Heaven compilation with song To Tame A Land4/5 rating.

Dream Theater - The Number of The Beast Bootlegs (2002)
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01 - Invaders
02 - Children of The Damned
03 - The Prisoner
04 - 22 Acacia Avenue
05 - The Number of The Beast
06 - Run To The Hills
07 - Gangland
08 - Hallowed be Thy Name

John Petrucci - Guitars
James LaBrie - vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums
John Myung - bass
Jordan Rudess - keyboard

official bootleg of Iron Maiden tribute by Dream Theater - 2002
The Number of the Beast 

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