10 Apr 2013

Bunny West - Run To The Hills (2012)

Song : Run To The Hills
Performer : Bunny West
Origin: USA
Album : Single only

Bunny West is talented young female singer from US. She recorded version of Run To The Hills in jazzy pop style. The song was re assembly, takes the thematic intro, the verse is the same, the second part in totally re touch with jazz feel and the chorus stayed the same. The video release will show you how she do that.

Excellent rendition of Run To The Hills in the vibes of pop.

Styles: Pop Light Jazz
Faithful to Original version: re arranged with only piano as accompaniment
Re-Arrangements: 5/5 total re works (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: -
Rhythm guitar: -
Solos: -
Bass: -
Drums: -
Sound and Production: 5/5

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