15 Apr 2013

18 Wheels of Justice - The Trooper (2007)

Song : The Trooper
Performer : 18 Wheels of Justice
Origin: USA (Boston)
Album : Deceive Them All, 2007

18 Wheels of Justice, not the tv show, but a Boston based metalcore act. They cover The Trooper in good shape, faithful to original only comes with metalcore vocal. It's include in their 2007 album, Deceive Them All which is also can be said to have core element of thrash, a thrashcore to be precise then.

One more listenable The Trooper to examined.

Styles: Metalcore
Faithful to Original version: yes
Re-Arrangements: 3/5 (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: 3.5/5
Rhythm guitar: 3/5
Solos: 3/5
Bass: 3/5
Drums: 4/5
Sound and Production: 3/5

Listen to Sample in You tu be

Boston based metalcore act, 18 Wheels of Justice in album Deceive Them All, that include cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper"

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