6 Apr 2013

The Storyteller - Moonchild (2002)

Song : Moonchild
Performer : The Storyteller
Origin: Sweden
Album : Crossroad, 2002

The Storyteller is power metal band from Sweden. With four studio album they are in the way to climb international fame. In 2013 they just released their latest album, Dark Legacy. For now, the rare version of Moonchild is well done by them. The intro with acoustic guitar and voice is ok, then the Moonchild theme intro was done by guitar instead of keyboard. The singer performing has bit of unique voice character, he is the Blaze Bayley bariton voice type, making this version worth to check. This is taken from their 2002 album called Crossroad.

Rare track of Moonchild got a nice cover in power metal style.

Styles: Power Metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Re-Arrangements: 3/5 (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: 4/5
Rhythm guitar: 3/5
Solos guitars: 4/5
Bass: 3/5
Drums: 3/5
Sound and Production: 4/5

Sweden Power Metal band The Storyteller doing Iron Maiden Moonchild in album Crossroad.

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