14 Apr 2013

Emerald Night - Childhood's End (2005)

Song : Childhood's End
Performer : Emerald Night
Origin: Russia
Album : Лесная Готика Gothic Forest, 2005

This is actually a semi professional work from Russian heavy metal band, Emerald Night. But Childhood's End is one of most rare song to be heard from Iron Maiden, so a cover is worth mentioning. The drum is too machine sound, but the vocal is listenable.

Listenable version of Childhood's End although this is a bit amateurish version.

Styles: Heavy Metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Re-Arrangements: 3/5 (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: 3/5 - got female voices also
Rhythm guitar: 3/5
Solos: 3/5
Bass: 3/5
Drums: 2/5
Sound and Production: 2/5

Russian Emerald Night in album Forest Gothic, with Iron Maiden song Childhood's End

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