3 Jan 2014

Deliverance - Where Eagles Dare (2013)

Song : Where Eagles Dare
Performer : Deliverance
Origin: USA
Album :  Hear What I Say, 2013

Deliverance has serves Christian thrash metal genre from 1985. In their almost 30 years of thrash metal there are up and down in their band career. Hear What I Say is their latest album and it contained Iron Maiden cover, Where Eagles Dare. As thrash metal in style, the opening drum is a killer lick. Vocals are customized into their vocalist /founder Jimmy Brown character. Both guitars are set in thrash metal distortion and chops. The middle solos was mainly strengthened with drum improvisation.

Styles: Thrash metal
Faithful to Original version: yes, with notable improvisation on drums
Sound and Production: profesional recording

Deliverance Hear What I Say album with Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare cover.

Support the band and buy their album.

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