8 Apr 2014

Sinisfear - The Trooper (2014)

Song : The Trooper
Performer : Sinisfear
Origin: Canada
Album : Reigning Death, 2014

Sinisfear is new death metal band from Canada. You may want to check their Facebook page where they are listed as Face Ripping Canadian Death Metal. Reigning Death is their debut album where we found The Trooper inside. This rendition of Iron Maiden classic is true to their description, a total face ripping version. It is in death metal mode. The other unbelievable thing is ultra killing drumming madness, of course the acting bass for Steve Harris is there to added more spices. In short, the backing vocals after the choruses as the only original parts left.

A fun version to face rip the Trooper, check their debut album and support the band.

Styles: Death metal
Faithful to Original version: least
Sound and Production: good quality recording

Sinisfear Reigning Death with The Trooper 

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