9 Apr 2014

Savage Messiah - Be Quick Or Be Dead (2014)

Song : Be Quick Or Be Dead
Performer : Savage Messiah
Origin: UK
Album : The Fateful Dark, 2014

On their latest 2014 album, UK thrash metaller Savage Messiah put a tribute to their comrade. Be Quick or Be Dead from Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark album is one of the three cover track found on The Fateful Dark.  The most interesting point is we got to listen Dave Silver vocals. Dave put in a rough heavy metal voices instead for this rendition. The guitar riffs is a slightly different in color, extra aggresive chopping and also perhaps with additional chord to make it more thrashy. Every other else is quite original.

Styles: Heavy metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Sound and Production: profesional recording

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