27 Mar 2013

Slave to the Power (2000) - Combined

Slave to the Power (2000)

Another compilation of Iron Maiden tribute, a combination of hits song and some rare tracks. Such as Total Eclipse by WarHorse & Friends, a British doom metal band. This version make the song into doom and slow tempo. The compilation started with New Jersey stoner metal band, Solace covering Another Life. The version hence turn into heavier and Black Sabbath-ian style. But the highlight of the this CD is on Sebastian Bach excellent rendition on Children Of the Damned. Giving a bit Skid Row feel. Then is Kamelot team up with singer Ian Parry to do Flight Of Icarus. Kamelot is a rising symphonic power metal band on that year, and Ian Parry was to be Ayreon singer later.

The highlight on this second part of CD, is on first track Running Free by Iron Savior. But there, Iron Savior still largely a side project of Piet Sielck, who played in early versions of Helloween and more recently has worked as a sound engineer for Blind Guardian. Sielck drafted friend and fellow ex-Helloweener Kai Hansen and drummer Thomas Stauch of Blind Guardian (along with a couple of guest musicians) to complete the project. Next is  Pharaoh , back then still unknown, doing Revelations, now Pharaoh is a strong progressive power metal that produced good album. This version will also appear on Maiden America compilation album. Some song gone wild with weird and strange cover, such as The Trooper by Hoyry-Kone which included folk instrument, such as cellos. The other good track is Cosmosquad feat Ray Alder in Murders In The Rue Morgue, which is excellent re-arrange part of the song.

The package come with two CD, I will need to split the post due to technical reason for counting each song as a 'label' in this blog. The styles are quite diversed from heavy metal, doom to stoner metal. But then not much interesting as most of the quality are demo-like. 2.5/5 rating.

Slave to the Power (2000) 
Iron Maiden tribute album - buy it here at Amazon

CD 1
1. Another Life - Solace
2. Children Of The Damned - Sebastian Bach
3. Remember Tomorrow - Crowbar
4. Wrathchild - Archie Bunker with John Perez
5. Powerslave - Dofka
6. Moonchild - Shallow
7. Total Eclipse - WarHorse & Friends
8. Flight Of Icarus - Ian Parry and Kamelot
9. The Trooper - Holy Mother
10. Aces High - Electric Frankenstein
11. Purgatory - Wardog
12. The Evil That Men Do - Conquest
13. Alexander The Great - Eleventh Hour

CD 2
1. Running Free - Iron Savior
2. The Number Of The Beast - Tchort
3. Stranger In A Strange Land - Error 7
4. Invaders - Rotors To Rust
5. Murders In The Rue Morgue - Cosmosquad feat. Ray Alder
6. The Trooper - Höyry-Kone
7. Wasted Years - Fates Prophecy
8. Innocent Exile - Eternal Elysium
9. Revelations - Pharaoh
10. The Prisoner - Las Cruces
11. Where Eagles Dare - The Quill
12. The Prophecy - Solstice
13. Run To The Hills - John West with Chris Caffery

styles: death, doom, power and heavy metal - punk hard core

Slave to the Power graphic design in cover , using Egyptian Powerslave theme
Iron Maiden cover albums

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