27 Mar 2013

A Call To Irons (Volume 1) 1998

A Call To Irons  (Volume 1 - 1998)
A Strange Illusion - alt. release

This compilation served mostly as showcase for most newcomer bands back in 1998. The line up top by Steel Prophet who just released their second album "Into the Void" in 1997. Trivia for this track, in Killers album The Ides Of March is intro to Wrathchild, but Steel Prophet come out with Purgatory which is excellent continuation. Steel Prophet is American heavy metal band that used to do cover to be included in their album. This track was originally included in their "Into the Void" album and again included in A Tribute to the Beast in 2002, again as an intro. Steel Prophet will later covered "Gangland" in A Call To Irons Volume 2. Trivia: Steel Prophet also covered Ride the Sky, Helloween song in album "Dark Hallucination".

The second track is by Ancient Wisdom. They bring a black metal version of Powerslave, made it into darker, heavier. The song itself easily transformed into this version. The middle intro that break into dark orchestral is enjoyable. IMPORTANT Notes: There is a Youtube uploaded on Blind Guardian cover Powerslave, but it is a mistake, the version is by Ancient Wisdom. Blind Guardian did not do a cover of Powerslave.

The other highlight is of course Swedish prog metal / rock Opeth. Opeth come with track Remember Tomorrow which is close to their style. Again only these two tracks are worth taking serious call, they are to be included in the 2002 Tribute to the Beast album. Rare tracks are Genghis Khan and Strange World.

For all the rest , mostly American doom / death metal bands, only serves as a passing by listening. 3/5 rating.

A Call To Irons 1998 (Volume 1)  -  Volume 2
Iron Maiden tribute album - buy it here

1. The Ides Of March / Purgatory - Steel Prophet, album "Into the Void" 1997 [LISTEN]
2. Powerslave - Ancient Wisdom [LISTEN]
3. The Trooper - Vital Remains [LISTEN]
4. Genghis Khan - Angel Corpse [LISTEN]
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Solitude Aeturnus [LISTEN]
6. Phantom Of The Opera - New Eden [LISTEN]
7. Remember Tomorrow - Opeth, album "My Arms, Your Hears" 1998 re-issue [LISTEN]
8. To Tame A Land - Morgion [LISTEN]
9. Strange World - Evoken [LISTEN]
10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - Opera IX [Listen] [Listen]
11. Transylvania - Absu [LISTEN]

style : death , doom, black, power metal, heavy metal.

A Strange Illusion - The Tribute to Iron Maiden is the alternate version album name with exactly the same materials in A Call To Irons Vol. 1

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