28 Mar 2013

THINGFISHY'S World Of Maiden

THINGFISHY'S World Of Maiden
2006 and on going

This may seem a silly and generic random Iron Maiden project, but actually it is quite well done. An internet fanatic but musically talented nickname Thingfishy started a mega project of covering Iron Maiden song, using only acoustic guitar and his voices. Of course this is a do-it-yourself project that give smiles to listener for its clean and good quality.

Try some of their songs to rise your mood if you really a fans of Iron Maiden. The acoustic version is performed up to stage player standard, with solos part also handled well. The only thing that keep this 'amateur' is the vocal that remain obscure, but yes, it still listenable. I downloaded 2 Minutes to Midnight in acoustic version and The Evil That Men Do, and it is enjoyable. Not rated and song not included in statistic count.

Support Thingfishy and visit his dedicated website: http://www.freewebs.com/thingfishy/

Almost all Iron Maiden songs.

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