28 Mar 2013

Maiden Heaven - 2008

Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (2008)
a free CD gift of Kerrang! Magazine issue 1219

This is one of most popular Iron Maiden tribute album. This time it is a free gift by Kerrang! Magazine out in 16 July 2008. This is done in the era where social network and internet largely take part in fans communication. Thus, Kerrang make a competition on their cover art, duly won by Colombian entry name Felipe Franco, which drew Eddie with burning angelic wing. Lots of big names in there, making this CD automatically runs in download area immediately.

The album starts by Black Tide doing ProwlerBlack Tide was a rising force in heavy metal from Miami, their version of classic NWOBHM riff is excellent and bring fresh sound to the song. Metallica choose to play Remember Tomorrow, which is again very Metallica sound, as the song was actually fit Hetfield voice. The song lean to the post "Black Album" era of Metallica. Lars Ulrich drumming is easily recognized there. Then Avenged Sevenfold with Flash Of The Blade, which is nostalgic for being drummer Rev Sullivan still with them. The version of Flash Of The Blade gone smooth without much decoration, still the drumming is excellent tribute to Nicko McBrain. Coheed And Cambria is  handling The Trooper with galloping drum version, nice addition to the most popular covered Iron Maiden Song. Other highlight is DevilDriver's Wasted YearsDream Theater lift up their name with serious rendition of To Tame A Land. Dream Theater had always serious in doing tribute to Iron Maiden, they even have official bootleg of the Number of the Beast in full album. The lack of second guitar is audible, but when the solos come in it is all Dream Theater playtime.

Machine Head and Trivium rules the end part of the album with Hallowed Be Thy Name and Iron Maiden. Especially Machine Head rendered Hallowed Be Thy Name into beastie thrash metal standard. This is the album that every Iron Maiden fans will seek to get. It's out on sale later. 5/5 rating.

Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (2008)
Kerrang Magazine - get it here

1. Prowler - Black Tide [Listen]
2. Remember Tomorrow - Metallica [Listen]
3. Flash Of The Blade - Avenged Sevenfold [Listen]
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Glamour Of The Kill [Listen]
5. The Trooper - Coheed And Cambria [Listen]
6. Wasted Years - DevilDriver [Listen]
7. Run To The Hills - Sign [Listen]
8. To Tame A Land - Dream Theater [Listen]
9. Caught Somewhere In Time - Madina Lake [Listen]
10. Wrathchild - Gallows [Listen]
11. Fear Of The Dark - Fightstar [Listen]
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Machine Head [Listen]
13. Iron Maiden - Trivium [Listen]
14. Running Free - Year Long Disaster [Listen]
15. Brave New World - Ghostlines [Listen]

styles: heavy metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, alternative metal (Run To The Hills - Sign)

Graphic design for the cover art of Kerrang magazine' Maiden Heaven CD

for technical issue I repost this entry to enable me statistically count each song as a 'label'.

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