4 Sep 2015

Iron Maiden Article and Photo - The Canberra Times 1982

Here a piece of very rare Iron Maiden article posted in The Canberra Times newspaper, way to date November 3, 1982. The band just release The Number of the Beast, and the photo seem to be old formation of Iron Maiden. The article :

Heavy Metal Masters
More tours, Some for Here
by Lisa Perry

As you know, the masters of British heavy metal, Iron Maiden, will be here soon, and I thought you might like to see a bit of what I received on the group in its press statement.

Along with a glossy black-and-white photo and two excerpts from English music magazines, I found two press statements which outlined the band's history. Most of it was the usual year-by0year transition from sweaty pub band without any money to local boys made good in the tough world of rock and roll.

But it was the information about their latest album, "The Number of the Beast", that drew my attention. For the sake of accuracy and my attempts to keep you fully informed, I shall quote:

"In February 1982 Maiden began recording their third LP. "The Number of the Beast". Originally scheduled for a March 5 release, the album had to be delayed to March 25 because of mysterious malfunctions of equipment in the studio and the unusual difficulties the band had in laying down the title track.

As soon as the band began recording "The Number Of The Beast" (the incarnation of Evil, the Beast, 666), equipment which had proved totally reliable through-out eight months of a world tour started to behave mysteriously. Steve Harris' bass stack blew up and Dave Murray's guitar stack kept cutting out a irregular intervals. Then, as producer Martin Birch finally got ready to mix the track he was involved in a car crash on his way home from the studio. When the bill for the repairs arrived a few days later, the fee was £ 666.66. Following this, the band decided to change the British catalogue number of the album, originally set at EMC 0666. They felt they had had enough of a warning."

The boys are playing the Bruce Stadium on November 20. Unfortunately I shall be otherwise engaged at the time...getting married."

What a story!!

See and read the photo and article of this very column:

from http://trove.nla.gov.au

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