25 Nov 2013

The Number Of the Beast - Aaron O'Keefe and students (2012)

Song : The Number of the Beast
Performer : Students of Aaron O'Keefe
Origin: USA
Album :  Youtube , 2012

As can be seen in our late blog post, Iron Maiden songs have always been on the repertoire of rock music tutorial. Aaron O'Keefe happens to be music instructor and in this video he lead his students to performed The Number of the Beast. The quality is astonishing when considered to the fact of the performer's ages. Main highlight is the singer who nailed it down with amazing rendition. Drummer are great as well the guitarists and bassists. The students names can be seen in the Youtube video descriptions. And cute credit to the girl who done the intro speech.

See this energetic teens performing Iron Maiden as their music lesson arch.
Check their other Iron Maiden cover : The Ghost of the Navigator - The Longest Day

Styles: Heavy Metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Re-Arrangements: 3/5 - guitars parts got boost (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: 4/5
Rhythm guitar: 3.5/5
Solos: 3/5
Bass: 3.5/5
Drums: 4/5
Sound and Production: video recording

The Number of the Beast performed by teenage music students

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