11 Jun 2013

Sotajumala - Prowler (2010)

Song : Prowler
Performer : Sotajumala
Origin: Finland
Album : Sotajumala / Deathchain Split released, 2010

Sotajumala is Finland death thrash metal. In the split released with Deathchain, they covered a good version of Iron Maiden's Prowler. Although coming from death metal background, the vocal is not in growling mode, but in a good thrash feel. Prowler, as usual get an aggressive adaptation on this. The running melody by guitars are clear and nice, solos are good. In the last turn of chorus the vocal added a bit of growling to make this even more 'character'.

Great covered with a touch of thrash metal for Prowler.

Styles: thrash / death metal
Faithful to Original version: yes
Re-Arrangements: 3.5/5 - (1=notes per notes, 5=extreme deviation)
Vocals: 4.5/5
Rhythm guitar: 4/5
Solos: 4/5
Bass: 4/5
Drums: 4/5
Sound and Production: 4/5

Listen to this version on You tube

Sotajumala covering Iron Maiden's Prowler

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